Yeah, numerous cuts to Betty listening in on Jim being yelled at by the Captain in the precinct house, then surreptitiously typing, along with the rather pat "worm from forever ago that I totally forgot about" explanation and Alec's disbelief at how quick and convenient that was, indicate that Betty's still a secret… » 4/12/14 8:27am 4/12/14 8:27am

I gotta say, apart from Iron Man 2 (which is undoubtedly THE worst Marvel Studios movie and one that I will watch repeatedly, because in my head I am re-editing the entire movie to switch the second and third acts around, and also switching the battle at the Stark Expo with the fight at the Grand Prix de Monaco, and… » 4/12/14 3:47am 4/12/14 3:47am

Eh. Being a "counter-Whedon" isn't the accolade you're making it out to be— Whedon hasn't written the highest-grossing Marvel movie, and frankly, he's pretty regularly hit-or-miss in his work. He knows how to write snappy dialogue, of course. DC doesn't need a counter-Whedon: it needs somebody to take over from Nolan and … » 4/10/14 7:28pm 4/10/14 7:28pm

When there's more than one cop, there's more than one taser. And there was certainly more than one cop confronting a guy with a knife— cops are supposed to be trained to counter knives and such, without resorting to firearms. If the cop can't do that simple task, they're not police material. Alternatives to shooting… » 4/10/14 7:51pm 4/10/14 7:51pm

I rly don't care how sarcastic that was supposed to be (if it was indeed supposed to be sarcastic— it's Lena Dunham, so it's really a 50/50 chance she was sincere) but that was obnoxious and if I was her sister, I would hide from her after that statement. » 4/09/14 2:24pm 4/09/14 2:24pm