But, especially in a democratic society, there is no "right" to conceal your identity and fight evil as you see fit, flouting civil authority as you do so. That masked crimefighter bit only works in comic books, because , well, they are comic books. The sanction of a civil authority is necessary because that makes the…

»4/08/14 2:41pm4/08/14 2:41pm


Speaking of Arrow's evolution into Green Arrow— have you noticed that while the first season's arrow logo for Arrow was a very stony grey (with the slightest hint of green mixed in that grey), this season, the arrow logo for Arrow has a small but growing green splotch on it? So it's starting to become a green arrow? I… »2/10/14 7:05pm2/10/14 7:05pm

Olicity is a terrible goddamn distraction, and I hate how overtly they've sexed up Felicity's outfits this season. Last season she was a techie wearing a dress shirt and a business skirt, and this season she's wearing Chanel dresses which look to exclusively show off her fantastic ass, while her character hates being… »2/03/14 3:31pm2/03/14 3:31pm

In Brazil, there were also many immigrants from Japan who refused to believe the war was over. Some of them formed a terrorist organization called Shindo Renmei, which would attack those fellow Japanese immigrants who were willing to acknowledge and accept Japan’s defeat. Throughout their existence they killed 23… »1/18/14 8:52am1/18/14 8:52am

"America" »12/22/13 3:01pm12/22/13 3:01pm

No, try some dumb people from Oklahoma. Not America. This wouldn't be a thing in most other places in the US but due to some obviously idiocy in the powers that be in that particular area of Oklahoma we get this result.

»12/22/13 3:01pm12/22/13 3:01pm

My position wasn't that something like this only happens in Oklahoma. My position was that a blanket statement blaming America as a whole is stupid. It just happened to be some dumb people in OK who pulled this and shouldn't be a reflection on everyone else. But in your attempt to validate your own feelings you… »12/22/13 3:01pm12/22/13 3:01pm

Except that it's obvious what it is. You can debate with me all you want about trying to make these people sound as if they are smart but it doesn't take a high amount of intelligence to look through a law that is already pretty loose and come up with outlandish charges. In fact, it takes somebody pretty dumb to do… »12/22/13 3:00pm12/22/13 3:00pm

I've always wondered about all those people the NSA employes. People like Snoweden or even just average Americans whose job is to spy on all our personal data.

Like...do any of them even think what they're doing is wrong? Has not one employee ever sat at the water cooler with another, turned to him and said, "Hey… »12/22/13 10:05am12/22/13 10:05am

Yes secrecy is inherently problematic in democracy. But from my perspective "we" are the government. I voted for the president, there are elected representatives that oversee the NSA I consider this to be sufficient oversight to assure democratic healthiness of the NSA's policies. Policies which, like all spying,… »12/22/13 10:05am12/22/13 10:05am

Cheap China HDMI splitters that forgot the HDCP bit are very useful in getting HDCP free HDMI streams to work with capture cards. By using the splitter you can record/stream and view it latency free at the same time. If you want you can also get multiple inputs and composite n-streams together for local, remote,… »12/03/13 7:20pm12/03/13 7:20pm