Ehh. Considering that The Cure was actually the biological secretions of a mutant, and that mutant was killed at the end, I thought it was pretty logical that the effects would last as long as the mutant was alive, and and begin to decay pretty rapidly after his death. » 9/27/14 6:22am 9/27/14 6:22am

Ergh I couldn't stand the Iris/Barry conversation scenes in The Flash pilot. In fact, I couldn't stand most of the dialogue that Iris was given with people who weren't her father. She's just finished grad school, written her thesis, and somehow she's still a total moron with the IQ of an unflushed toilet. She actually… » 7/25/14 4:30am 7/25/14 4:30am

Bruce Wayne is far from the only person in Gotham who could afford to do all those Batmannish things, along with being FAR from the only person who has ties to a massive high technology conglomerate. There are more than a few in Gotham, and even amongst the Wayne companies: Wayne Enterprises, Wayne Technologies, Wayne… » 7/24/14 9:45pm 7/24/14 9:45pm