For a five picture deal, I really think they should ideally bring together Archer & Armstrong; Ivar, Timewalker; Eternal Warrior (basically, all the Ani-Padda brothers’ books) and maybe work Shadowman and The Death-Defying Doctor Mirage into the mix of movies, and keep referring to the larger world so as to pique the… » 4/24/15 11:29pm Yesterday 11:29pm

Wait... how do you know she’s black? Is she black? It doesn’t say so anywhere on that document. And the only other working link just goes to dailydot where, again, there’s an intro calling this brief “disrespectful” and then links to the scribd where it was posted. » 4/24/15 4:04am Yesterday 4:04am

They don’t “mess it up”; it’s an original work that uses and builds on concepts from another medium. It’s not called Batman: The Court of Owls. It’s Batman vs. Robin. They mess it up in the same way that the Court of Owls storyline in the comics “messes up” Batman’s origin. » 4/22/15 7:13pm Wednesday 7:13pm

It’s basically never going to happen. Although to be honest— does it even need to happen? Are they continuing the story in Anarchy Online, or is it stagnant? If it’s stagnant... why bother? With the incremental patches, it still looks nice, just not “modern”. » 4/22/15 12:11pm Wednesday 12:11pm

I fully disagree. I watch this show because I can’t look away from a train wreck. I also watch because of the vain hope that although there’s so much wrong with the show— so much being it’s SO BORING— there is genuine potential in the show. All of that doesn’t change one fact. » 4/21/15 11:23am Tuesday 11:23am